What is Red Light Therapy?

By now you’ve heard or read about the amazing all natural healing benefits of Red Light Therapy, so what’s all the hype about?

Red Light Therapy 101:

Red Light Therapy or RLT, is a form of low level but powerful light therapy that helps accelerate your bodies own natural healing processes without drugs like Fentanyl or Ozempic or surgery and the side effects and complications from them. 

Much like plants absorb light from the Sun and convert it to food, with RLT you expose your naked skin to a RLT device and the mitochondria of your body’s cells(your cells powerhouse) absorb it and turn it from a light energy to a chemical called Adenosine Tri Phosphate ATP your body products naturally to repair and heal itself. 

Many experts think RLT helps the cells to repair themselves and improve overall health especially in skin and muscle tissue.

RLT uses very low levels of heat therefore it does not hurt or burn the skin.The health of every organ and every cell in the body depends on energy being produced by the mitochondria in those cells.  Skin, muscle, fat, bone, gland, or brain – when the mitochondria produce more energy, the cells in those tissues work better.

  1. Increased Cellular ATP Production. Red Light and Near Infrared Light therapy stimulates your body’s natural healing process at the cellular level through increased ATP production in the mitochondria.
  2. With an increase in mitochondrial output of ATP a series of metabolic events occur that improve blood oxygenation, improve blood flow, increase collagen production, reduce overall inflammation, and improve cellular regeneration and protection; building cellular antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defenses. Light entering our skin creates a low-dose healthy metabolic stress (hormesis) that builds our cell’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant defense systems. This results in a reduced amount of cellular free radicals being produced and less oxidative stress for our cell, protecting our tissues from further inflammation.

Do red light treatments have risks?

Red Light is considered a safe form of therapy. There are no specific sets of rules on how much light and for how long every treatment should go for as it really depends on the device and the condition is used for. 

Generally too much light exposure could cause tissue damage and too little lightexposure might not be enough to get the benefits.

 Treatments for red light therapy

Red light therapy has a wide range of applications and there are thousands of evidence based studies showing significant benefits for the following purposes:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Acne
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Arthritis
  • Brain Health
  • Depression
  • Eye Health
  • Hormone Optimisation
  • Joint Pain
  • Mood Boost
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Physical Performance Enhancement
  • Post Surgery
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Tendon Healing
  • Wound Healing
  • Weight Loss